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Renn Reed began selling her fine art 

at the age of 10.  By her senior year in high school

she was exhibiting in museums.  In 2000 Renn was 

honored with being invited to exhibit in 

Barcelona, Spain.  

In 1988 Renn met Mark L. Barth and in 2005

restructured as Liquid Ice Entertainment.

In 2008 Renn was honored when called by 

the Associated Press NYC, NY to shoot 

then Presidential Candidate Hillary.

My Fav'Z

We at Liquid Ice Entertainment

are busy in post production on

Lost Angels[The Discovery] & Lost Angels[United] 

as well as "The Magic Hour".

As a 2 man company they are honored

to have the respect and 

interest of industry professionals. 


Today Renn and Mark are hard at work

in post-production on new movies Lost Angels[The Discovery] and Lost Angels[United].  

Although Renn was diagnosed with  

3 type's of cancer 2 years ago, & currently is recovering from 2nd & 3rd degree burns.  

Mark and Renn 

are still hard at work on the 

"Lost Angels Movie" franchise.  

In her spare time Renn is also working 

on "The Magic Hour".

A series of oil paintings, pen & Ink Illustrations,

and photograph's of 2 local lakes where 

she and Mark live, in an effort to exhibit 

and raise funds to clean up the waters

of 2 lakes in their area.


First Mondays

8:00 am

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First Mondays

Check out just some of our tunes for our movie franchise:

Lost Angels[The Discovery] & Lost Angels[United].

8:00 am


8:00 am

The Practice Studio

Event Details


Beautiful photographs & art being created to help clean up 2 lakes in Osceola, IA

8:00 am

The Practice Studio


The Greatest Art Show> The Magic Hour Series (All for the Swans, & other animals in the region of 2

8:00 am

Working on our store!

Event Details


The Greatest Art Show> The Magic Hour Series (All for the Swans, & other animals in the region of 2

Just some of our projects in the works. 

8:00 am

Working on our store!

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