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Renn Reed


Renn holding a Swan 


Renn Has Always Been A Creative Professional.  She   Began As A Fine Artist Selling Her Art By The Age of 10 Years. At 16 Renn Created Her First Company Name, Rennditions, (First Licensed In Los Angeles, California In 1982)> dba  Liquid Ice Entertainment, (Then Restructured In 2005).  Currently FilmMaker>FineArtist> Designer>Photographer>MusicMaker>Writer>Poet + The MandarinChinese, (Also Created And Licensed In 1982 After Renn's Return From Designing In Taiwan), dba Liquid Ice Entertainment Interpreter-Negotiator-Consultant For Business/Government And Individuals.

Renn's Creative and Professional Journey Spans Nearly 6 Decades. But Don't Let That Fool You! Renn And Mark Both Stay On Top of Current Styles And Trends, Including Creating A Few of Their Own Thereby Becoming Influencer's In Their Own Right. For Example, Renn Started The Current Style For Domain Names With The Domain Name, back in 2007 Which Is An Action, Thriller, Drama - Sci Fi Movie Franchise Lost Angels[The Discovery,  Lost Angels[United]. and Lost Angels[Uncharted Territory].

Renn Grew Up During The Golden Era.  She Was Basically Raised By Her Maternal Grandparents Who Told Her That They Thought Of Her As Their 4th Daughter.  The Kennedy Family, Alfred Hitchcock, And Many Others Were Close Friends With Them, George Merrill Jenkins And Dolly.  When Renn Was Little She Spent Nearly Every Weekend Living At Her Grandparents Home In Laurel Canyon.  Uncle Alfraid, As Renn Called Alfred Hitchcock, Introduced Her To The World Of Acting By Asking Her To Be In His Classic Movie, "The Birds", Specifically The Birthday Scene.

Renn's Parents Got Very Upset By This Invitation To Be In "The Birds", Because Her Sister Robin Was Not Asked And Therefore Refused To Allow Renn To Participate In All Other Movie Opportunities Offered To Her.   Her Mother Died When She Was 14.

When Renn Went Off To College She Began To Make Her Own Friends In "The Industries," AKA Filmmaking, Music, Television.  Before Alfred Hitchcock's Passing She  Was Told    That He Had Always Thought Of Her As His Friend Too!  In 2007 Renn Reed And Mark Lee Barth Acted In National Treasure Book Of Secrets Produced By An Old Friend, Jerry Bruckheimer,   
Just Some Of The People Renn Reed Became Friends With Are:
*  Jerry Bruckheimer
*  Robin Williams
*  Robert Redford
*  Bruce Willis
*  John F. Kennedy JR.
*  Paul Rothschild






Renn at Swan Lake
Renn at swan release 
Renn Reed


Mark on Wildlife photo shoot 


 Mark Barth Originally Began His Creative Career Around The Age of 10 Years. Mark Started His Photographic Career At The Age Of 10 Winning A Contest With A Photo Of A White Rose With A Single Rain Drop Dangling From One of its petal. His love For Music Also Began At 10 With Keyboards>Accordion>Drums While Also Writing Lyrics For His Songs. Mark Has Worked Throughout His Lifetime With A Number of High-Profile Bands, Including Influencing A Number of Current Musical Artists And Bands of Today. In The 1990's His Love For Animation And Computers Led To Creating 3D Objects And Scenes In Liqhtwave 3d Made By Newtek, Inc..


Mark Barth on a wildlife photo shoot
Mark Barth at Lake shoot 

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